2023 Attendees

(last updated November 28, 2023)

DK9PY          Armin Sturm
G3WGV        John Linford
GM3POI        Clive and Terry (MM3POI) Penna
K4AEN          Tom and
K4QS             Chuck Stover
K4UX             Al and Liz Bianchi
K4WJ             John and Susan Bohnovic
K5DU             Susan King
K5KG             George and Kay Wagner
K5TF              Dick and Mary Baxter
K6RB              Rob Brownstein and dinner guest
                        Alan Captain
K8JPM           Bob and Peggy (WB8ZPW) Booher
K9FN              David Bunte
KC4YDP        Jerry and Jardy Richards
KP3W            Jose Rodriguez
KP4DX           Luis Diaz
KR3E              Ed Tobias
KY4GS           Amanda Plexico

MD0CCE        Bob Barden
N3RS              Sig and Maryann Sigismonti

N4FP              Wayne and Marty (N4GL) Brown
N5TOO           Van and Marianne Richardson
NR4A              Sam Davis
W1DV             Dave Vittum
W4CI              Dave and Brenda Hillebrandt
W4EDE           Lee Kerbel
W4LT              Lu and Linda Romero
W4MQC         Alan and Meredith Pike
W5FB              Asa and Karen Page
W8KJP            Del Clouser
WB4FSF          Bonnie and David Lewis